President Buhari, Buhari, Attahiru, Chief of Army Staff

Why President Buhari did not attend Attahiru’s funeral

President Buhari, Buhari, Attahiru, Chief of Army Staff

Following the tragic passing of Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff, Ibrahim Attahiru, on 21 May 2021, Aminu Sani Ambursa, has taken to his personal Facebook account to explain why President Buhari was conspicuously absent during the funeral of the late Army Chief.

The Protocol Officer at the Attorney General of the Federation and Ministry of Justice explained that the notice to the President to attend the burial rites of the veteran officer was short citing need for thorough security clearance ahead of such events.

Aminu also cited that former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan attended the burial of Azazi because “it wasn’t done within 24hours. Hear him:

“If you don’t know, know it now.

“For a President to be at any funeral or event outside the presidential villa, it must have at least 48 hours for intelligence operatives to do surveillance and clearance before the President can go based on the Security report.

“In a case where the COAS and his team died yesterday and had to be hurriedly buried today, you don’t expect the President to go there where there is no security clearance.

“The minimum time of 48 hours wasn’t met. In insecurity parlance, funeral ceremonies are where politically exposed persons faces more risks. 

“GEJ could attend Azazi’s burial because it wasn’t done within 24 hours.

“Security issues and securing the president are not done by emotions or sentiments. There’re laid down procedures that must be followed.

We’re in troubling times, everyone must be careful even as we mourn.”

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